We all hate you, Kyle.

What better place than online than to let out all of your frustration and rage on your dear, helpless loser of a friend you all know, named Kyle.


Little Bitch

Few know that Kyle is synonymous with massive fucking pussy.



Let me reiterate, Kyle, no one, not a single soul in the observable universe, likes you.


Probably Affiliated with ISIS

I know at this point, I'm probably beating a dead horse, but seriously god damn fuck you Kyle.


Hates the innocent

Kyle is, by the transitive property responsible for all of the worlds great tragedies.


Can barely speak comprehensively

There isnt much left to say about this useless breath waste of a human being.



As a society, I am leading the push to eradicate those named Kyle. Join Today!

Hopefully you're still reading!

As much of our sweet sweet Oxygen that Kyle wastes, we will all live on as long as we focus on shunning those hate driven demons from greater society.


These are testimonials from real people who know someone named Kyle, potentially someone like you! Read up on these devastating horror stories.

"One time I was with this kid named Kyle right, and he totally stole all of my money and ran off yelling random racist remarks, like who does that? A Kyle thats who."

- Jane Derro CEO - GayKyles Inc.

"I once knew this kid named Kyle, he literally shit himself, for pleasure.... he was a sick fuck!"

- John Not Real CEO - CAK Inc. (Coalition Agaainst Kyles)

"I have very few words to describe the useless human I know as "Kyle", in one word?..... *Gags* Sorry, I can't I'll vomit"

- Janet Smith CEO - FUCK Kyle Inc.